Avery Campbell

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Human Development and Family Science

Ph.D. Student in Human Development & Family Science, Marriage and Family Therapy

McPhaul Center
202 Carlton St
Athens, GA 30602




Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
B.S. Psychology, minor in HDFS University of Georgia May 2016
M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy Virginia Tech May 2020


My general research interests center around couples and families affected by post traumatic stress. More specifically, my clinical and research interests focus on examing the impact of stress and traumatic stress on couples and famillies in which at least one member is a first responder professional (e.g., law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs).

Advisory Committee

Dr. Elizabeth Wieling, Major Professor & Committee Chair

Dr. Ted Futris, Committee Member

Dr. Jennifer Gonyea, Committee Member

Current Research

My dissertation research explores the impact of work-related stressors on the experience of parenting and coparenting in first responder couples. 

Job Description

I am currently the Graduate Assistant for both the ASPIRE Clinic and the Marriage and Family Therapy Certificate Program. I also practice couple and family therapy at the ASPIRE Clinic where I serve individuals, couples, and families under the supervision of licensed clinical faculty. I am receiving advanced clinicial training in an evidence-based treatment model for post-traumatic stress disorder, Narrative Expsoure Therapy. 


Landers, A. L., Danes, S. M., Carrese, D. H., Mpras, E., Campbell, A. R., & White Hawk, S. (2022). I can still hear my baby crying: The ambiguous loss of American Indian/Alaska Native birthmothers.  Family Process.  

Campbell, A.R., Landers, A.L., Jackson, J. (2022). I have to hold it together: Trauma in law enforcement couples. Family Relations

Landers, A. L., Danes, S. M., Campbell, A. R., & Hawk, S. W. (2021). Abuse after abuse: The recurrent maltreatment of American Indian children in foster care and adoption. Child Abuse & Neglect, 111, 104805

Richardson, E. W., Futris, T. G., Mallette, J. K., & Campbell, A. (2018). Foster mothers' parenting stress and coparenting quality: An examination of the moderating role of support. Children and Youth Services Review, 89, 77-82

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