Narang Park

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics



Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
Ph.D. Financial Planning University of Georgia 2020
MA Consumer Studies Seoul National University 2011
BA Consumer Science Seoul National University 2009


My research interest includes financial literacy, psychological disposition, and behavioral changes that positively affect one’s financial well-being.


Courses Taught:

  • FHCE 1110: Consumers in Our Society
  • FHCE 3200: Introduction to Personal Finance (Current)
  • FHCE 3200E: Introduction to Personal Finance 
  • FHCE 3260: Computer Applications in Financial Planning
  • FHCE 6230E: Advanced Family Income Tax Planning (Current)
  • FHCE 8025: Research Evaluation and Theory in Financial Planning, Housing, and Consumer Economics (Current)
  • FHCE 8200: Financial Planning and Analysis

Prior Professional Positions

Organization Title Years of Service
Texas State University Postdoctoral Research Associate 2020-2021


Award Name Awarded By Year Awarded
2022 Outstanding Symposium Poster Award Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE) 2022
Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award University of Georgia 2019
Inez Wallace Tumlin Graduate Student Academic Support University of Georgia 2018
Student / Young Professional Conference Scholarship Award American Council of Consumer Interest (ACCI) 2017

Current Research

  • Financial Well-being
  • Financial Stress and Alternativ Financial Service Use
  • Mortgage Status and Financial Stress
  • Payday Loan Use 

Journal Articles

Green-Pimentel, L, & Park, N. (2022). Household Characteristics Associated with the Occurrence of Negative Home Equity. Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning.

White, K., Park, N., Watkins, K., McCoy, M., & Morris, J. (2021). The Relationship between Objective Financial Knowledge, Financial Management, and Financial Self-efficacy among African American Students. Financial Services Review, 29, 169-185.  

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Lim, H. N., Shin, S. H., Wilmarth, M. J., & Park, N. (2021). The Role of Bargaining Power, Sense of Control, and Risk Tolerance in Older Couples’ Financial Decisions. Journal of Family and Economic Issues. Available at:

Heo, W., Lee, J. M., & Park, N. (2021). WTP for Financial Planning Services: Who Financial Planners Serve? Estimating the Needs of the Broad Population. Journal of Financial Services Consumers, 11(1), 5-34.

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Park, K., Park, N., & Heo, W. (2018). Factors Influencing Intranet Acceptance in Restaurant Industry: Use of Technology Acceptance Model. International Business Research, 11(10), 1-9.

Park, N., Heo, W., Ruiz-Menjivar, J., & Grable, J. E. (2017). Financial Hardship, Social Support, and Perceived Stress. Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning, 28(2), 322-332.

Park, N., & Sohn, S. H. (2013). A Study on Consumer’s Continuous Buying Intention of Social Enterprise Products. Journal of Consumption Culture, 16(4), 143-169.

Sohn, S. H., Kim, J. E., Park, N., & Na, H. R. (2012). The Development of Education Program for Early Adoption of North Korean Adolescent Defectors. Consumer Policy and Education Review, 8(3), 1-26.

Park, N., & Sohn, S. H. (2010). The Effects of Food Safety Education on Children’s Food Safety Knowledge, Belief, Attitude, and Behavior. Consumer Policy and Education Review, 6(1), 47-66.

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