Probation and Dismissal

This process applies to College of Family and Consumer Sciences students only.

Scholastic Probation

Students are placed on scholastic probation at the end of the term in which their UGA cumulative GPA drops below 2.00. Students who fail to clear scholastic probation by raising their UGA cumulative GPA above 2.00 after one semester will be placed on continued probation.

Continued Probation

Students are placed on continued probation if their UGA cumulative GPA remains below 2.00 for two or more consecutive semesters.

Students may stay on continued probation provided they are enrolled for a minimum of 6 semester hours (3 semester hours during the summer semester) and earn a term average of 2.30 or higher. The following policies apply in the computation of the minimum enrollment requirement and average:

  • These hours must be in courses numbered 1000 or above that are graded A-F exclusively.
  • Courses in which grades of W, V, I, S, U, or NG are received do not count toward these hours.
  • Transfer credits are not included in the computation of the UGA cumulative average.

Students may remove themselves from academic probation by achieving a 2.00 UGA cumulative GPA.

If a student on continued probation fails to meet the above criteria, the student will be placed on first dismissal.

First Dismissal Process

Upon a first academic dismissal, a student may not re-enroll in the University until a full fall or spring semester has elapsed. Any FACS student wishing to return after a first dismissal may submit a request to return letter to the Assistant Director of the Student Success and Advising Center, Melissa Garber, at This request should be submitted by the midpoint of the semester following the first academic dismissal and include the following information below. Incomplete letters delay the length of the response time. Also, you must be a FACS major to utilize this process. 

  • Full name
  • FACS Major
  • Year in school (1st, 2nd, etc.)
  • 81X number
  • Current telephone number
  • UGA email address
  • Semester you were dismissed (ex. spring 2021)
  • Semester you'd like to return (ex. Spring 2022)
  • Circumstances around the dismissal
  • What you’ve learned since being dismissed
  • How you plan to move forward to successfully complete your degree if reinstated
  • Your FACS Academic Advisor

Second Dismissal

After a second academic dismissal, students will be suspended from the University for a minimum of one calendar year. At the end of the suspension, permission to return to the University can be granted only by appealing to the University Educational Affairs Committee. For more information, see the Student Academic Appeal Process and Appeal Submission Deadlines.

For assistance with your appeal or for help connecting with a FACS Academic Advisor, please contact Melissa Garber.

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