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Ghana Interdisciplinary

Earn 6 credit hours in this three-week Maymester program where you will learn about entrepreneurship and product development while visiting villages, fashion designers, markets and historic sites.

This interdisciplinary program places students at the intersection of Ghana’s fashion industry and social service infrastructure, within the context of Ghana’s history, culture, and contemporary society. We collaborate with Ghanaian fashion designers, business entrepreneurs, creatives, community leaders, social workers, and university faculty to facilitate a unique learning experience for students in fashion merchandising, entrepreneurship, product development, social work, and other disciplines.

You Will

  • Be mentored by an Athens area entrepreneur while planning the development of an apparel product to be sold at an Athens retailer
  • Source fabrics and materials working with Ghanaian fashion designers
  • Interact with master Kente weavers, receive a workshop in Batik fabric dyeing and Adinkra printing techniques
  • Meet with social entrepreneurs and explore community trade options between Athens and Ghana
  • Visit an apparel factory leading the way in ethical apparel production in West Africa
  • Analyze the development of social entrepreneurship and product development in Ghana
  • Participate in a service project at Kumasi Children’s home

Course Titles:

TXMI 5720/7720 Social Entrepreneurship and Product Development in Ghana

SOWK 5909/7909 Cross-Cultural Awareness in Ghana

Application: N/A

Dates: 2021 has been canceled

Approximate Cost: Approximate cost $4,100, which includes hotel arrangements, 2 meals a day, field trips, admissions fees to selected cultural activities, insurance and ground transportation

Does not include: Airfare, visa, passport, immunizations, tuition, and any fees associated with tuition. Total cost may vary based on number of participants and program duration. 



Payment Due Date



Due at the time of application

Program Fee



6 credit hours


$1,500 - $2,000

Incidentals (souvenirs, etc.)

$300 - $500

Courses Offered: Students are required to register for 6 hours credit:  (1) TXMI 5720/7720 Social Entrepreneurship and Product Development in Ghana and (2) SOWK 5909/7909 Cross Cultural Awareness in Ghana (these classes may count towards professional electives or another class in your program of study as approved by the TMI undergraduate coordinator).

Spaces Available: 10

Informational Meetings: TBA

Our Last Trip

The 2019 Interdisciplinary Ghana Study Abroad Program offered fashion merchandising students the opportunity to partner with a local Athens retailer to design a product for their retail store. Students worked closely with entrepreneurs in the Ghanaian fashion and retail industries to explore and have these products made for the local Athens retailer. During this 18-day trip students experienced both culture and fashion often intertwined. Some significant cultural visits included the slave castles of Elmina and Cape Coast, a canopy tour at Kakum National Park, and Manhyia Palace the seat of the Asante king.  Students sourced fabric from one of the largest open air markets in Ghana, conducted a design and fitting consultation with master dressmakers, practiced Kente weaving, and traditional Adinkra and Batik fabric printing. Students also met with the founder of Kumasi fashion week and made a visit to Cadling Fash, an apparel manufacturer leading the way in ethical apparel production in West Africa. Here are students with their very own batik printed and dyed fabric.


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