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Amber Gizzi  '14

Amber Gizzi '14

Current Position: Design Partner at Pineapple House, Atlanta, Georgia

I started at Pineapple House Interior Design as an intern the summer before my senior year in the FI program. Since I only had Tues/Thurs classes my senior year, I decided to stay on at Pineapple House working Mon/Wed/Fri so I could keep my job when I graduated. After graduation and another year at Pineapple House, I started my own interior design business, which I ran for two years. Last year, the founder of Pineapple House offered me the opportunity to return as a partner and owner when he retires.

The experience has been amazing and very challenging. At Pineapple House, we focus on high-end residential design, and our specialty is new construction and interior architecture. Our typical project starts by working with the architect to perfect the plans, then construction management overseeing all contractors, and finally we specify everything in the home from plumbing and finishes to furniture, art, and accessories. It’s definitely rewarding to be able to design every tiny detail into once cohesive design, compared to the decorating projects we do where we have to work with existing elements.

Jordyn Kroll '15

Jordyn Kroll '15

Current Position: Interior Designer at Jessica Bradley, Atlanta, Georgia

I started with Jessica Bradley Interiors a week after Graduation in May 2015 and I have been there ever since. I am doing exactly what I always wanted to do: working with a small firm on residential projects from start to finish.

Everyday is completely different which is a huge part of why I love this field. The work day can vary from placing orders at the computer to scheming at ADAC for an entire house to meeting the builder on site to go over plans. More so, there is always fun events to attend on my off work hours. I always try to attend events that different vendors put on at their showrooms in order to network and stay up to date in this field. When I'm not at work and not attending showroom events, the Furnishing and Interiors 2015 graduates that live in Atlanta try to meet for dinner at least once every few months. I absolutely love what I do not only for getting to see projects from start to finish but for the amount of extracurriculars that this field offers.

Taylor Saenz '16

Taylor Saenz '16

Current Position: Resource Librarian for Hirsch Bedner, Atlanta, GA.

I am the Resource Librarian at Hirsch Bedner Associates in Atlanta, Georgia. Hirsch Bedner Associates is one of the top ranked design firms in the world that focuses on luxury hospitality design. The role I am in as the resource librarian is a nontraditional interior design support role. I am responsible for upholding all vendor, representative, and manufacturer connections within the company, researching products to provide cutting edge FF&E information to the team, networking within the industry to find new products, internal and external event coordinating CEU’S or vendor presentations, gate keeping one of the largest physical sample materials library in Atlanta, assisting with presentations as needed, and running administrative/ general office tasks as needed.

I love interior design for the endless possibilities. My role as a resource librarian has shown me how large and endless interior design is as a whole industry. Finding creative, long lasting, effective, and beautiful solutions to space is why I love interior design.

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