Student Projects

Meditation Chapel

Natalie Mies, a sophmore in the FI program, was voted a regionalist finalist for the 2018 IDEC National Student Design Competition. Natalie’s Meditation Chapel submission was based on the Chinese culture's five elements philosophy.

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Are Tiny Homes Here to Stay?

Jasmine Form (a 2017 graduate) and Lilia Gomez-Lanier (faculty) co-authored published article, "Are Tiny Homes Here to Stay? A Review of Literature on the Tiny House Movement" in the Family and Consumers Sciences Research Journal (FCSRJ), was voted by the journal as the Best Paper in Housing for 2017. The journal is an international journal. The award was based on originality and importance of the topic, strength of the methodology and results, and implications for a lasting contribution to family and consumer sciences. Both authors will receive an award at 109th Annual Conference and Expo of the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences to be held in Atlanta, summer 2018

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