After-Hours Building Access

Dawson Hall and Barrow Hall are open 7-7, Monday - Friday. If you'd like after-hours access, make sure you fulfill the requirements, read the policies, then fill out the request below.


  1. Your profile must be in the directory and it must contain a photo.
    • To have your photo taken and added to your profile, contact Cal Powell
    • Need to add your profile? Go to the directory and follow the instructions at the bottom right.
  2. You must have a UGA ID card.


  1. Do not prop open exterior doors. If doors are left open for an extended time, a silent alarm alerts campus police. Unnecessary ‘false alarm’ door alarms and response by campus police resulting in a fine will be charged to the Department where you work or study.
  2. Do not let other persons unauthorized into the building.
  3. All buildings are off limits on football home game days.

Request Access

If you'd like access to Dawson Hall 261, have the professor of the lab email the contact of this page giving you permission to enter the lab after hours.

If you are a student, define Degree and Expected Graduation Date.

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