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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduates – Pursue research in any field. We give you the opportunity to conduct research with a faculty mentor.

What Research Does for You

  • Stimulates your interest and involvement in scientific inquiry
  • Connects you with faculty investigators and research teams
  • Applies your coursework
  • Develops more competitive skills for your career
  • Builds your resume
  • Enhances your application for graduate school

How to Apply

Find a faculty mentor

Apply for a CURO Assistantship

Apply for a FACS Fund for Excellence Undergraduate Research Opportunity

How to Find a Faculty Mentor

Find a faculty mentor that matches your research interest:

After you've contacted a faculty mentor, meet with them to discuss what they do, why it is important, what you could learn, and their expectations of you.

Approved Courses

The approved courses for research include:

  • FACS 3010
  • FDNS 3010
  • FHCE 3010
  • HDFS 3010
  • HDFS 5950
  • IHDD 3010
  • TXMI 3010

You must have a faculty mentor clear you to register for the course in your major.  You may also register for a CURO course to satisfy the requirements in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences.  If you are interested in being a CURO research assistant and working with a FACS faculty member, contact the faculty to help you prepare your proposal and application for CURO assistantship.  The deadlines vary each semester. Check CURO for the next deadlines.

Directed Study Agreements

  • HDFS
  • TMI - Contact the faculty member with whom you would like to work
  • FDN - Contact Dr. Rob Pazdro if you are interested in a directed study experience in Nutritional Sciences (FDNS 3010).


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