Directed Study Agreement

Directed studies are available to undergraduate students wishing to work more closely with faculty members. Students may engage in various tasks including assisting with research, working on special projects, and conducting independent research.

Approved Courses

The following list of courses are approved to satisfy the Experiential Learning requirement for FACS:

  • FACS 3010 Directed Study in Family and Consumer Sciences
  • FDNS 3010 Special Problems in Foods and Nutrition*
  • FHCE 3010 Directed Study in Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics
  • HDFS 3010 Directed Study in Human Development and Family Science
  • IHDD, Directed Study in Disability
  • TXMI 3010 Directed Research

If interested contact a faculty member in your major department. You must have pre-approval to register for these courses.

*FDNS 3010 also includes shadowing activity supervised by Dr. Rob Pazdro. See Dr. Pazdro for more information. 

What's involved in an activity?

Each approved activity will demonstrate substantive engagement of students, and significant mentorship during the activity; the mentorship may be provided primarily by a community partner or site supervisor, but must also be reviewed and evaluated by a UGA faculty member or activity director to be included on a UGA EL Transcript. Each approved activity will also demonstrate measurable student learning outcomes in at least two of the following three arenas: challengeownership, and self or social awareness.

Application Use

Some departments require that you complete this agreement and submit to your faculty mentor in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences.

As an undergraduate, you can get hands-on experience beyond the classroom through domestic or international study programs, internships, research or service-learning. This type of study, called experiential learning, gives you the edge over competitors when you apply for a job or pursue graduate school.

Upon submission of this form, you will be emailed a printout. Print the printout, sign it, then take it to your faculty mentor and have them sign it, as well.

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