How to Change Your Major

  1. Log in to Athena
  2. Select Student
  3. Select Student & Registration
  4. Select My Programs
  5. To add a major:
    1. Select Add Major
    2. Select your new major from the dropdown menu
    3. Select Next, then Confirm
    4. The new major will now appear under My Majors
  6. To remove a major:
    1. Select Remove Major
    2. Select the major you wish to remove from the dropdown menu
    3. Select Next, then Confirm
    4. The major will no longer appear under My Majors
  7. Follow the steps above to add or remove a minor or certificate.


  • You must add your new major before removing your current major.
  • If a major requires an application, select the Intended major.
  • If you have been admitted to a high-demand major and you are changing from the intended major to the major (ex: Intended Dietetics to Dietetics), the major must be approved by the department before you can delete the intended major.  Don’t forget to go back later and delete the intended major!  Otherwise, both will be on your record.
  • If the major or minor you declare requires approval, this will prevent any further changes until the approval is granted.  Remember you can always cancel the request that needs approval, perform the other actions, then resubmit the request that needs approval.
  • If you have a minor you are trying to change to a major, drop the minor first.  Otherwise, the major will not appear as an option.
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