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Children and Teens

Physical Activity

Zero Weight Gain Holiday Challenge

  1. Use Your Plate to Control Your Weight
  2. Eating Out with Eva
  3. Strength Training Anywhere
  4. Sneaking More Fruits and Vegetables into Your Diet
  5. Exercise Partners Even at a Distance
  6. Managing Your "Cues"
  7. More on Managing Your Cues
  8. Making Plans to Change a Cue
  9. Peter and His Pedometer
  10. Holiday Overeating
  11. Choosing Healthier Fats
  12. Feel Full with More Fiber
  13. Sleep Deprivation: The Scary Truth
  14. Keeping the Weight Off

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This award winning weight control program is offered periodically by Extension Family and Consumer Science Agents throughout the state of Georgia. It has over 30 lessons to choose from and includes time for physical activity and a healthy food demonstration.

To see if Walk-a-Weigh will be offered soon in your county, call 1-800-ASK-UGA-1

Walk-a-Weigh may also be purchased by health professionals and Extension agents outside Georgia.

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