Ava Castro

Ava Castro

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

Clothing and styling is a way of life for double major in fashion merchandising and interdisciplinary art




Double major in Fashion Merchandising and Interdisciplinary Art



Dawg Camp Counselor (2021 and 2023)

Radio DJ for WUOG 90.5 FM (2019-present)

Head stylist of The Agency (2021)

Fashion Design Student Association (2019-21)

Blog Co-Editor for Fair Fashion (2021)

Blog Content Stylist for Rouge (2021)


  • Graduating Cum Laude
  • The Rick Johnson Scholarship recipient (2022)
  • University of Georgia Foundation Incentive Scholarship recipient (Fall 2022)
  • University of Georgia Foundation Incentive Scholarship recipient (Spring 2022)
Why I chose my major

Ever since I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to turn my interest of fashion into a formal educational and professional opportunity. Clothing and styling is more than a hobby to me - it's a lifestyle. The way I dress and design captures the essence of not only how I want to present myself to others, but how I see myself as well. I gain so much confidence and pride when I embrace the expression fashion gives us. I hope to combine my other area of study, art, with fashion to blur the lines of creativity and practicality, and to use this background in my fashion pursuits to push limits and collaborate with other creatives. With Fashion Merchandising, I've not only learned so many practical and real-world applications and knowledge, but I was also able to hone in and fine-tune my artistic ideas in the form of apparel.

What I like most about FACS

I love the community FACS has given me, and the intimacy that comes from studying in a smaller college. I've formed wonderful, personal relationships with my professors and never felt like I was competing with any other students to form these connections. In fact, there was no competition or an unhealthy achievement-focused environment in FACS. I felt encouraged and confident to use resources, be honest with my professors, participate and share my honest thoughts and opinions. I felt an overall sense of support, and I believe my peers and professors see each others as equals.

Post-graduation plans

I was offered a job by the UGA Cortona Study Abroad program, a beloved program I attended twice in my five years at UGA. I'll be working as their center assistant for the fall semester, where I'll live among the students in Tuscany and be a resource for them while helping with day-to-day operations and logisitcs. After my term, I plan on taking a gap year and staying in Athens to continue pursuing music with my band, Neat Freak.

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