Caitlyn Davis

Caitlyn Davis

Nutritional Sciences

Army Reservist and nutritional sciences major to be commissioned as an active-duty medical officer




Nutritional Sciences


United States Army Reservist, Student Veterans Association (SVA) member, SVA communications director, Student Veterans Resource Center (SVRC) communications director, SVRC Veteran’s Affairs student worker, UGA Army ROTC cadet, UGA Army ROTC Ranger Challenge, George C. Marshall award winner, UGA Blue Key Honor Society, Lockheed Martin Scholarship recipient, Reynolds Veterans Association Scholarship recipient

Why I chose my major

I chose Nutritional Sciences because I believe the food we consume has a direct impact on our overall health and well-being. I also loved the community that comes with FACS and how driven the students are to succeed. Nutritional Sciences has also given me the opportunity to take courses that have provided deeper understanding to medicine and patient care. Additionally, my major provides an all-encompassing view of the human body that cannot be recreated with other majors.

What I like most about FACS

I love the community aspect of FACS and the intimate relationships I have made with my classmates and professors. You are able to connect and network in many more ways than other colleges because we are a small tight-knit community. I am used to working in a team and FACS has provided that because everyone wants their classmates/students to succeed.  

Post-graduation plans

I will commission as an Active-Duty medical officer in the United States Army, where I will continue to pursue my dream of being an Army physician’s assistant.

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