Chisom Blessing Okoli

Chisom Blessing Okoli

Nutritional Sciences

Dr. Okoli plans to pursue nutrition research-related and policy making jobs


I am originally from Ifite-Nanka located in Nigeria. But I am a Georgian by residence.


Nutritional Sciences (Focus on community nutrition), Ph.D.


Secretary of UGA Nutritional Sciences Graduate Student Organization (2021), First-runner Up UGA 3MT finalist competition (2023), 2022 First-place winner of UGA Obesity Symposium student oral presentation, Recipient of the Jan M. Hathcote Social Sciences Support Academic Award (2022)

Why I chose my major

Nutrition is core to man’s existence and survival. Owing to my love for food and education, I wanted a career that merged both worlds. Studying nutrition changed my life and helped me overcome a health scare. And every day, I gain fulfillment using creative nutrition education techniques to enrich people, including children, with the knowledge and skills to make healthier food choices. I also feel blessed to help children, including my kids, discover, eat and love healthy food options like fruits and vegetables. Finally, I enjoy creating, recreating, and sharing recipes that are deliciously diverse in flavor and nourishing to the body.

What I like most about FACS

FACS is home away from home. The quality of attention to students’ welfare is top-notch. I can't fail to mention the scholarship opportunities that have helped many students overcome financial barriers associated with learning. Also, the several organized events created unique avenues for students, staff, and faculty members to escape from busy schedules and interact.

Post-graduation plans

My plans include obtaining a Registered Dietitian (RD) credential upon completing a Dietetics Internship and passing the board exam. I am also interested in pursuing nutrition research-related and policy making jobs.

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