Jake Conner

Jake Conner

Nutritional Sciences

Nutritional sciences faculty helped prepare Conner for a career helping people as an Extension agent

Current occupation/Location

FACS Extension Agent, Walton County

What has been your proudest accomplishment since graduating?

Well, marrying my beautiful wife Rachel, of course. I am also a homeowner which I never thought possible. But I love being an Extension agent!

What was your favorite class in FACS?

Sort of cheating, but I loved being a FACS Legislative Aide. I got to work at the state Capitol, meet amazing people and learn how a bill ACTUALLY becomes a law. I took so much out of that semester.

Did you have a favorite – or most memorable – faculty member?

I love all of my teachers and felt like everyone cared about my success. Dr. Laing and Dr. Cox invested so much passion into me in helping me get where I am today. However, Dr. Carswell has to take the cake as the most memorable.

How do you think FACS prepared you for your career success?

Very much. I had to learn critical thinking and research skills that help me every day in my job.

What inspires or motivates you?

I want to help people. If I help enough people, then I've changed the world.

What advice would you give a current FACS student looking to pursue a career in your field?

Talk to people and get involved. Network with fellow students. Ask professionals if you talk to them about their jobs. Join as many organizations and clubs as you can!

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