Joshua Jaim Siger

Joshua Jaim Siger

Nutritional Sciences

Love of science, nutrition steered Siger to FACS


Watkinsville, Ga.


Nutritional Sciences



  • Undergraduate Research Assistant- UGA Dining Service Nutrition Department
    • Research Assistant under Dr. Katherine Ingerson, UGA Dining Service Registered Dietitian, and Dr. Ginnefer Cox, Assistant Professor at the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Georgia.
    • Served as data collection manager and undergraduate analyzer for Dr. Katherine Ingerson’s doctoral. thesis focusing on student attitudes and perceptions of dining hall meals at the University of Georgia. Oversaw the student research teams’ processing of over one thousand unique data points along with the analysis of several hundred primary data points.  Organized coded data. Trained student researchers on data analysis techniques.
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant- Sensory & Product Development Lab:
    • Conducted 100 reference Literature Review on the topic of nutrition education projects conducted within colleges, specifically dining hall settings as part of Dr. Ginnefer Cox and Dr. Katherine Ingerson’s research team. This project is a direct collaboration with the National Dairy Council.
    • Assisted in the distribution of survey to students on meal plan, directed at understanding university students' perception and consumption of dairy at university dining halls.               
  • CURO Research Student
    • Served as the primary investigator for a nutrition-related research project focused on improving accuracy of dietary assessments used within nutrition by quantifying and standardizing images of foods.
    • Under direction of Dr. Katherine Ingerson and Dr. Ginnefer Cox. List number hours worked on it fall and spring
  • Athletic Student Manager- University of Georgia Men’s Tennis Program     
    • Assist the University of Georgia Men’s Tennis Program coaches, players, and staff with all tasks necessary to run a top collegiate program.  Assistance included completing daily tasks for practice preparation and execution such assisting in the tennis drilling, placing all necessary equipment in its correct location, and acquiring and delivering all necessary equipment or items for practice. In addition, I assisted in the stocking hydration and nutrition stations, and delivering catering orders.
    • Attend all practice sessions, including weekend practice sessions, and all home and most away tennis matches.
    • Over 2000 hours of assistance performed for the University of Georgia Men’s Tennis Program.
  • Nutrition Student Clerical- University of Georgia Dining Service    
    • Serve as a student assistant to Dr. Katherine Ingerson, University of Georgia Dining Service Registered Dietitian, and Mariah McDaniel, MS, RDN, University of Georgia Dining Service Dietitian Technician.
    • Roles as a nutrition student clerical are to conduct nutritive analysis and inventory checks for all ingredients and recipes served at the University of Georgia dining halls, engage in information sessions for university students such as new student orientation and allergen tours, produce new marketing products for all dining hall such as posters and pamphlets, and assist all dining hall manager and staff with nutrition-related tasks.
    • Contributed over 500 hours of dedicated service towards this program.
  • Student Instructor- Eating Smart Free Workshop: Nutrition & Meal Prep 
    • Eating Smart is a three-part workshop series on nutrition and meal prep for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Georgia.
    • Served as a co-instructor throughout all three parts of the workshop and served as the marketing and outreach leader for this mini-course.


  • Morehead Honors College student
  • University of Georgia Honors International Scholar for Japan Study Abroad
  • CURO Research Award  
  • 2023 Southeastern Conference Regular Season Men’s Tennis Champions                    
  • Promoted to Nutrition Student Clerical Manager
Why I chose my major

I chose this major due to my love for the science of food and nutrition as well as the opportunities it provided me for future professional and academic goals.

What I like most about FACS

My favorite aspects of FACS is the outstanding faculty and staff across the department of nutritional sciences and the college as a whole. Numerous instances of loving and caring staff who want to see not just myself but all students succeed. Specific shout-out to Dr. Ginnefer Cox, Dr. Katherine Ingerson and Dr. Jung Sun Lee!

Post-graduation plans

I will be continuing my education by pursuing a M.S-Thesis in Nutritional Science at the University of Georgia.

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