Lindsay Portwood

Lindsay Portwood

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

Portwood values opportunities for development

What school did you transfer from?

Georgia Military College

Why did you decide to transfer to UGA?

My dad had a friend who graduated from FACS a while ago and really recommended the college to me!! She said it was a great college and community!

What is your major?

Fashion Merchandising

What do you like about FACS?

I love the professors and all of the opportunities that we have as students! I definitely feel like I have tons of options available to me for development.

Is there a faculty or staff person who has been particularly helpful during your transfer journey?

Dr. McAndrews! She's an amazing teacher and has helped me so much personally on multiple projects and just general life advice.

What has your favorite UGA and/or FACS experience been?

I know it's silly, but probably "donuts with the dean" last week. I was having such a bad day and that brief little event was such a fun pick-me-up for me that day!

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