Skylar Perez

Skylar Perez

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

Fashion merchandising major aspires to develop her own sustainable fashion brand


Saint Simons Island, Ga.


Fashion Merchandising with an emphasis in Product Design and Development. Minor in Studio Art and Certificate in Sustainability


I am graduating from the Honors College. During my time at UGA, I progressed to become Styling Director of Student Merchandising Association, which has given me the honor to source and create outfits for several fashion shows and look-books, as well as lead styling and brainstorm sessions. I was also a stylist for Strike Magazine, which provided me with wonderful experience in conducting photo shoots and providing visions on set behind the scenes. As social media director for Fair Fashion, I ran the Instagram account of this organization; I promoted all events and played a key role in marketing. Finally, I was a Greek Goes Green representative, so I educated members on sustainability initiatives and guided the entire Sigma Kappa chapter towards an eco-friendly mindset. The two internships I have done, one with a luxury women’s resort-wear brand and one with an organic cotton bedding and home décor brand, have given me insight into different facets of the fashion industry. The two companies I worked for, Evelyne Talman and Willaby, have equipped me with experience in marketing, inventory tracking, business decisions, visual merchandising, customer service and time management. Outside of all of this, my two passion projects have been: creating and selling artwork through my online business, and designing secondhand merchandise T-shirts for a local band.

Why I chose my major

I toured UGA as a senior in high school and had the honor of shadowing a senior in the fashion merchandising major. She was phenomenal, as she introduced me to a few FACS staff, and I was even able to sit in one of Dr. McClure’s lectures. This senior that I shadowed guided me through a tour all throughout FACS and told me about the clubs, the fashion shows, and the awesome projects that she was a part of through fashion merchandising. I was sold! I felt a strong pull to be a part of this major, and this tour actually made me decide to commit to the University of Georgia after my experience.

What I like most about FACS

My favorite thing about FACS is the sense of teamwork and belonging that exists. No matter the wide array of majors in the school, everyone plays a key role in keeping the college vibrant and lively. We all work hard individually through our respective coursework, but we still unite wonderfully and see the value in one another. FACS is full of friendly faces and people who want to see you succeed.

Post-graduation plans

After graduation, I see myself working for a sustainable fashion brand and eventually creating my own. I plan to strengthen my portfolio by increasing my skill in sewing secondhand fabric as well as improving my practice in graphic design. I hope to point the fashion industry in a direction in which it can partner with the natural world instead of destroy it. My main goal is to allow customers to realize the potential in secondhand fashion as we come together to cut down on waste and become conscious consumers.

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