Consumer Economics

The Consumer Economics undergraduate major prepares students to make positive contributions to consumer and family well-being through policy, education, program evaluation, and product innovation in a dynamic, data-driven, technologically advanced, and globally focused world. Graduates of the program are prepared for a diverse range of careers as well as graduate study.

As a student of Consumer Economics, you’ll have many opportunities to participate in experiential learning. Many students secure competitive internships. Consumer Economics majors have the opportunity to participate in the Legislative Aide Leadership Fellows Program Internships where you’ll develop significant leadership skills by working with a member of the Georgia Legislature during the Georgia Legislative Session.

Many of our courses are open to non-majors. From our courses, you can learn practical and applied information that will enable you to be a smarter consumer in our increasingly-complex world.

You'll Learn

  • Consumers’ financial and economic well-being
  • Consumer behavior
  • Applied consumer theories used to analyze consumer decisions and behaviors
  • How culture influences consumer decisions and behaviors

You'll Acquire

  • Analytical and research skills
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • A consumer advocacy mindset
  • An entrepreneurial mindset
  • The ability to view issues from diverse perspectives

What do students think?

Students described this major as “practical, personal, and interactive.”

“The professors are really sweet and caring. You really get to know them. They will email and check up on you.”

“The major gives you a good working knowledge, but it’s also practical.”

FHCE majors appreciate the small class size, and that professors know students by name, even one or two semesters later.

FHCE majors overwhelmingly agreed that they felt welcome and included in the Department.

Key Faculty

Consumer economics offered the perfect blend of mathematics and conceptual thinking with people at its core. Through learning different areas of consumer policy and how they interact with our ever-changing economy, I feel equipped to help real people in the coming years.

Stephanie Jones - Spring '23 Consumer Economics Graduate
Stephanie Jones
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