The Human Development and Family Science BSFCS, MS Double Dawg program allows students to learn about the developmental progression of individuals from the prenatal period to the end of life through an interdisciplinary perspective.

This program does not fulfill accreditation and licensing requirements for careers in counseling and therapy.

Admittance to the Double Dawg Pathway will open in the fall to HDFS majors in the fall semester of their third year (the fall semester preceding their final three semesters before graduation).


The coursework focuses on the interactions among individuals, families, communities, and society. 

The undergraduate coursework for this degree program will focus on the coursework required by NCFR to prepare students to work with families through Family Life Education, and the graduate coursework will enable students to choose an area of interest as they continue to learn about theory, research and practice. Click here to learn more details about careers in Family Life Education. 

Are you interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in a research-focused graduate program?

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the field working with children, youth, adults, and/or families?

The areas of interest include Health Promotion, Organizational Development, Nonprofits and Social Entrepreneurship, and Life Course and Gerontology and are noted in the Sample Program of Study as graduate electives. 

Who is Eligible?

Human Development and Family Science majors will apply to the Double Dawgs pathway during the fall preceding their final 3 semesters before graduation (see below for sample time line). Acceptance into the pathway allows students to begin taking graduate level coursework, with the intention of applying to the graduate program (fall of year 4; final fall before graduation). Admittance to the pathway does not guarantee admittance into the graduate program.

Applications must be submitted by October 31 to the department of Human Development and Family Science (HDFS application) in addition to the pathway application found on the main Double Dawgs site for this program (see Apply to Pathway button).

Graduation Date Pathway Application Due Date
Spring/Summer 2026 Fall 2024
Spring/Summer 2027 Fall 2025
Spring/Summer 2028 Fall 2026

Pathway Application, Fall of Year 3

Deadline to apply is October 31. Applying is a two step process, please apply to the Double Dawg Pathway and to HDFS.

Pathway applicants will be required to provide a transcript demonstrating achievement in their coursework, including a 3.3 Overall GPA, and a 3.5 Major GPA, and evidence of experiential learning opportunities through a resume or experiential learning transcript. Students will be required to have completed, or be in the process of completing 60 course credit hours. 

Also, as part of your application to the program, you are required to include a maximum 1,000 word “statement of interest.” This statement will help us confirm your fit for the program and which faculty member could best serve as your mentor during the Pathway program. It is the department’s expectation that you will work with that faculty mentor during your year in the Pathway program, and prior to applying to the graduate program. Your statement should include the following information:

  • What are your long-term professional goals and how do your goals fit within the mission of the HDFS Program. How will the MS DoubleDawg program help advance you towards reaching your goals?
  • What content areas of research and outreach/practice do you hope to pursue as a MS DoubleDawg student and beyond (i.e., specific problems or issues, research questions, types of families/relationships you hope to study or support)? 
  • What types of research and/or outreach experiences have prepared you for the MS DoubleDawg program in Human Development and Family Science?
  • Identify at least one graduate faculty member with whom you hope to work and briefly describe how your research and/or outreach goals and interests fit with the expertise of the faculty.

If you are interested in applying to the pathway, please complete the application using the "Apply to Pathway" Button (see below). You are also required to "Apply to Pathway" through the Double Dawg website for the thesis or non-thesis option.

Each Double Dawg program has its own requirements for graduate admission, and admittance into the Pathway does not mean that you are accepted into the graduate program.

Apply to Pathway 

Graduate Program Application, Fall of Year 4

Deadline to apply is December 1. All applicants are required to follow the directions for applying provided on our HDFS Graduate How to Apply webpage.

Apply to Graduate Program  

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