Amit Talukder

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

Graduate Assistant

Aspiring Material Scientist


Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
Ph.D. Materials Science (Polymer, Fiber, and Textile Sciences) University of Georgia 2023-
MS Fashion Design and Merchandising Mississippi State University 2023
MBA Marketing Jahangirnagar University 2021
BSc Textile Engineering University of Chittagong 2015


Using a quantitative approach, I explored research areas, including human factors, ergonomics, biomechanics, wearables, e-textiles, and energy harvesting. Using a qualitative approach, I explored sustainable issues, protective clothing comfort, safety issues, and occupational risks. Now, my research areas are textile sciences, polymeric materials, nanomaterials, functional coatings, sustainability, and functional/responsive textiles.


Teaching Assistant of FDM-2524-01 Textiles for Apparel (Fall 2021)

Course Instructor: Rachel Woodward, Lecturer, Human Development and Family Sciences, MSU

  • Lecturing undergraduate students about different textile testing procedures.
  • Helping undergraduate students do hands-on activities during lab sessions.

Teaching Assistant of FDM 2593 Product Development II (Fall 2021)

Course Instructor: Dr. Charles Freeman, Associate Professor & Graduate Coordinator, FDM, MSU

  • Evaluating student essays, projects, labs, tests, and other assessments.
  • Maintaining records on student progress/grades.

Prior Professional Positions

Organization Title Years of Service
Envoy Textiles Limited Senior Executive (Weaving Production) 4.5 years
Fakir Knitwears Limited Intern 2 months


Award Name Awarded By Year Awarded
The Graduate School Doctoral Fellow Award The Graduate School of the University of Georgia (UGA) 2023
AATCC Foundation Student Research Support Grant American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) 2022
Travel Grant from Bangladesh-Sweden Trust Fund Bangladesh-Sweden Trust Fund 2022
Research Award The School of Human Sciences (Mississippi State University) 2023
3rd Place Poster Presentation Award Mississippi Academy of Sciences 2023

Editorial Appointments

Position Name of Journal Year(s)
Peer Reviewer Research Journal of Textile and Apparel - Emerald Publishing 2023-
Peer Reviewer Polymer-Plastics Technology and Materials 2023-


Organization Title Year(s) Service Type
American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists Student 2023 Membership
International Textile and Apparel Association Student 2022 Membership
International Student Liaison Program 2022, International Student Advisory Board(ISAB) Student Liaison 2022 Voluntary
49th Georgia Junior Science & Humanities Symposium Paper Readers, Office of Academic Special Programs 2024 Voluntary

Advisory Committee

Dr. Suraj Sharma, Professor

Polymer, Fiber, and Textile Sciences

University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA 


Amit Talukder is a dedicated professional at the intersection of technology and material innovation. With a background in Textile Engineering and an MS in Business Administration, he recently earned an MS in Fashion Design and Merchandising from Mississippi State University.

Amit's career journey includes over four years of hands-on experience in industrial weaving and a deep commitment to practical application. His research interests span human factors, ergonomics, smart textiles, and energy harvesting. His work has been recognized in media outlets, and he secured a grant for research on wearable flexible solar cells.

Current Research

  • Developing a wet spinning technique with PVDF and tentalum to evaluate radiation shielding

Job Description

Graduate Assistant (August 2023-

Course Instructor: Dr. Jeyeon Jo, Assistant Professor, International Merchandising, UGA

  • Conducting literature reviews and finding research gaps
  • Setting up and maintaining textile laboratory instruments

Graduate Research Assistant (August 2021- July 2023)

Research Supervisor: Dr. Charles Freeman

  • Quantitative data analysis using SPSS
  • Quantitative data collection with hiring participants
  • Development and evaluation of instructional materials or curricula
  • Specialized administrative, technical, or editorial duties connected to research and creative activities
  • Conducting literature reviews and writing manuscripts


  • Smart Fishing Shirt: Innovation of a Flotation Fishing Shirt that Provides Buoyancy and Tracking During Falls Overboard—National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) (8/20/2021-7/31/2023)
  • Ergonomic Assessment: Bending and Reaching into Boxes and Pallets, ABB Motors (5/15/2022-8/15/2022)
  1. Analyzed the risk levels of 21 job operations by conducting RULA and REBA for 60 postures and assessed the risk levels on a low, moderate, or high-risk scale.
  2. Developed solutions for high-risk operations.
  3. Developing analytical thinking, identifying safety issues, and performing operation analysis.
  • Incorporation of a smart sock with the virtual immersive test for postural stability (09/01/2022- 7/31/2023)
  1. Integrated stretch and pressure sensors into the socks.
  2. Validated against gold-standard human performance measurements using force platforms and the MOCAP system.
  • A biomechanical, physiological, and subjective perception assessment of personal flotation devices (PFDs) (09/01/2022-7/31/2023)
  1. Explore biomechanical measures (RULA, REBA, and Strain Index)

Senior Production Executive (May 2017–August 2021)

Envoy Textiles Limited, Bangladesh

  • Communicated with the R&D department to solve inferior product quality issues and handle buyers,
  • Developed the latest sustainable fabrics and convinced buyers to take our product,
  • Evaluated fabric’s quality, and developed guidelines and standards to ensure factories keep performance up to standard.

Journal Articles

  • Talukder, A.; Derby, H.; Freeman, C.; Burch, R.; Knight, A.; Chander, H. Sensory and Tactile Comfort Assessment of Sub-Clinical and Clinical Compression Socks on Individuals with Ankle Instability. Textiles 20222, 307-317.
  • Freeman, C., Orzadab, B., Cobb, K., and Talukder, A. Being part of a winning team: A Problem-based Approach to Teach Sustainability Adoption in Collegiate Athletic Uniforms, International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education 2022,
  • Derby, H., Conner, N., Talukder, A., Griffith, A., Freeman, C., Burch, R., Simpson, J., Goble, D., Knight, A. & Chander, H. The impact of sub-clinical and clinical compression socks on postural stability tasks among individuals with ankle instability, Healthcare 202210(7), 1271;
  • Mamun, A. A., Bormon, K. K., Rasu, N. S., Talukder, A., Freeman, C., Burch, R., & Chander, H. An Assessment of Energy and Groundwater Consumption of Textile Dyeing Mills in Bangladesh and Minimization of Environmental Impacts via Long-Term Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Baseline, Textiles 2022, 2(4), 511-523;
  • Mamun, A. A., Nabi, M. M., Islam, F., Bappy, M. M., Uddin, M. A., Hossain, M. S., Talukder, A. Video-based Automatic Fabric Pattern Recognition Using Bayesian Optimized Convolutional Neural Network, The Journal of the Textile Institute 2023; 
  •  Ahmed, B., Hossain, M. J., Al Parvez, A., Talukder, A., Al-Amin, M., Al Mahmud, M. A., & Islam, T. Recent Advancements of MXene/Nanocellulose-Based Hydrogel and Aerogel: A Review. Advanced Energy and Sustainability Research, 2300231. 

Conferences and Seminars

  • Western Regional Meeting 2022 (Oct 19-22, 2022)
  1. Freeman, C., Talukder, A., Strawderman, L.,  Reuben, B., Saucier, D., & Chander, H.,"A biomechanical, physiological, and subjective perception assessment of personal flotation devices (PFD)" (Abstract accepted for Oral presentation.)
  • 87th Annual Mississippi Academy of Sciences Meeting, Biloxi, Mississippi (Feb 23-24, 2023)
  1. Talukder, A., Jose, B., Hagan, F., Strawderman, L., Freeman, C., Reuben, B., & Chander, H., "Biomechanical, Physiological, and Subjective Perception Assessment of Personal Flotation Devices", Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences, 2022, 68(1) (Abstract accepted for a Poster presentation)
  2. Talukder, A., Freeman, C., Kobia, C., and Reuben, B., "Comparing Current Consistency and Electrical Resistance of Wearable Photovoltaic Cells Pre- and Post-Laundering and Corrosion Resistance Testing Conditions", Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences, 2022, 68(1) (Abstract accepted for an oral presentation)

  • Hagan, F., Talukder, A., Jose, B., Strawderman, L., Freeman, C., Reuben, B., & Chander, H., "Impact of different personal flotation devices during a simulated workload on physiological responses" (Accepted in Undergraduate Summer research Showcase 2023)

Press Releases and Media

  1. Life vest research at MSU changing course for commercial fishermen,

  2. Interview: MSU research team working on new life jacket,

  3. Life-Saving Research,

  4. Life vest research at MSU changing course for commercial fishermen,

  5. Life vest research at MSU changing course for commercial fishermen,


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Working Papers

  • Graphene-functionalized wearable textile sensors for Healthcare Monitoring and Safety: A Review
  • Mxene-nanocellulose-based hydrogel and aerogel and its application: A Review
  • Greener Approach to Textile Dyeing Using Biomordant and Natural Dyes: A Review
  • Effects of COVID-19 on the Fashion World: A Content Analysis
  • Optimizing Sizing Efficiency for Cost-Effective Woven Fabric Production: A Study on Sizing Material Usage and Weaving Efficiency
  • An approach to carbon footprint assessment of stitching a ready-made garment in the clothing industry
  • Unlocking the Secrets of Silk Sericin: Extraction Techniques and Promising Applications
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