Richard Dana Lewis

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Nutritional Sciences

UGA Foundation Professor in Family and Consumer Sciences

100A Barrow Hall
115 DW Brooks Dr.
Athens, GA 30602

Curriculum Vitae


Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
PhD Human Nutrition Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1986
MS Foods and Nutrition The University of Georgia 1978
BS Psychology The University of Georgia 1975


Dr. Lewis is Director of the Bone & Body Composition Laboratory at The University of Georgia and serves as principal investigator for research projects focused on osteoporosis prevention, primarily targeting pediatric populations. His laboratory investigates the roles of macro- (protein) and micronutrients (vitamin D, zinc), physical activity, and obesity on bone development during growth. Because obese children are at greater risk for fractures than normal weight children, his team examines the impact of obesity and associated cardiometabolic risks on bone quality. He utilizes numerous imaging instruments to assess bone quality such as dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA), peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The goal of his research is to discover relatively simple and inexpensive approaches to improve bone strength during growth and prevent osteoporotic fractures later in adulthood.


Dr. Lewis teaches both Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle (FDNS 4510/6510) and Medical Nutrition Therapy II (FDNS 4530/6530) courses each year. In Fall 2014, he taught Advanced Nutrition for Sport and Exercise (FDNS 8230).

Editorial Appointments

Position Name of Journal Year(s)
Editorial Board Member Medicine, Science, Sports and Exercise 2007-2009
Associate Editor Medicine, Science, Sports and Exercise 2002-2007
Editorial Board Member American College of Sports Medicine, Health and Fitness Journal 2002-2004


Organization Title Year(s) Service Type
(List includes only present service)
National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development Chair 2016-Present Data Safety and Monitoring Board
National Institutes of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases Member 2016-Present Data Safety and Monitoring Board
UGA Center for Translational Research Unit Member 2016-Present Grants Review Committee
UGA Graduate School Member 2016-Present Dissertation Completion Awards Committee
University of Georgia Member 2016-Present University Review Committee
University of Georgia Member 2016-Present Fifth-Year Administrative Review Committee, Dean Fox
UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences Member 2016-Present Dean’s Advisory Committee
UGA Department of Foods and Nutrition Member 2016-Present Awards Committee
UGA Department of Foods and Nutrition Chair 2015-Present Graduate Committee
UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences Member 2014-Present Faculty Awards Committee
UGA Obesity Initiative Chair 2013-Present Bone and Fat Team
William B. Mulherin Foundation Member 2011-Present Board of Directors


Dr. Lewis targets his outreach activities towards osteoporosis and obesity prevention in the community. He was founding co-chair and member of the Georgia Osteoporosis Initiative. The initiative has increased statewide public awareness of the disease, increased screening and helped professionals advance their efforts in osteoporosis prevention. Moreover, Dr. Lewis has been active with the Policy Leadership for Active Youth (PLAY) a collaborative between UGA, Georgia State University and Georgia Reagents University, with the aim of facilitating and supporting statewide activities for improving nutrition and promoting physical activity to prevent childhood obesity. Dr. Lewis has also conducted valuable service learning projects that highlight the necessity of connection with community, among them the “UGA/Food Bank of Northeast Georgia Hunger Project” and the “Breast Feeding Mentoring Project”, both of which provided dietetics students important learning opportunities in a real world setting. Currently, Dr. Lewis serves on the Board of Directors of the Athens Orthopedic Clinic William B. Mulherin Foundation for Health and Wellness, which provides resources to promote health and prevent obesity in patients and citizens of the Athens-Clarke and its surrounding counties.


Award Name Awarded By Year Awarded
(List includes only those selected from 2015-present)
Undergraduate Research Mentor Award Association of Public Land-Grant Universities, Board of Human Sciences 2018
FACS 100 Centennial Honoree College of Family and Consumer Sciences, UGA 2018
Nominee, Bloomberg Manulife Prize for the Promotion of Active Health McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics 2016
CURO Research Mentoring Award Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities, UGA 2016
Faculty Mentoring Undergraduate Research Award College of Family and Consumer Sciences, UGA 2016
Creswell Award College of Family and Consumer Sciences Alumni Association, UGA 2016
Finalist, Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor Award The University of Georgia (UGA) Graduate School 2016
Recognition for Student Career Development Career Development Center, UGA 2015,2017,2018


Books Edited or Co-Edited

2001, 2004      Invited Reviewer, Nutrition throughout the Life Cycle; Judith Brown, Wadsworth Publishing

Chapters in Books

Higgins S., Belcher S. L. and Lewis R.D. Sedentary Behaviors in Children and Adolescents: What is the Influence on Bone Strength. (2018) Nutritional Influences on Bone Health, 10th International Symposium on Nutritional Aspects of Osteoporosis. Switzerland, Springer International Publishing. Chapter 9, pp 95-108.

Laing E.M. and Lewis R.D. Chapter 4: New concepts in vitamin D requirements for children and adolescents: a controversy revisited. (2017) In: Giustina and Bilezikian (Eds.) Frontiers in Hormone Research: Novel aspects of vitamin D in clinical medicine, Switzerland, Karger. In Preparation.

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Lewis R.D., Kindler J.M., Laing E.M. Obesity, Insulin Resistance and Pediatric Bone (2016) In: Weaver C.M., et al. (Eds.) Nutritional Influences on Bone Health, London, Springer-Verlag. In Press and available via eBook.

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Lewis, R.D., Massoni, J., & Crawford, K. (2000) Nutrition Concerns, Knowledge and Recommendation of Coaches and Athletic Trainers. In I. Wolinsky and J. A. Driskell (Eds.), Nutritional Applications in Exercise and Sport (pp. 261-275) Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, Inc.

Lewis,R. D. (1996)  Riboflavin and Niacin.  In J. A. Driskell & I. Wolinsky (Eds.), Handbook of Sports Nutrition: Vitamins and Trace Minerals (pp. 57-73) Boca Raton, FL:  CRC Press, Inc.

Journal Articles

Selected from 2017-present:

In Review:

Kindler JM, Verroken C, Pollock NK, Ross HL, Laing EM, Lewis RD. Bone Mass is Lower in Obese Versus Normal-Weight Late-Adolescent Females, Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, In Review.

In Press:

Kindler JM, Laing EM, Liu W, Dain JA, Lewis RD. Pentosidine is Associated with Cortical Bone Geometry and Insulin Resistance in Otherwise Healthy Children, J Bone Miner Res, 2019, In Press.

Coheley LM, Shivappa N, Hebert J, Lewis RD. Dietary inflammatory index and cortical bone outcomes in healthy adolescent children, Osteoporosis International, 2019, In Press.


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Giudici K.V., Kindler J.M., Martin B.R., Laing E.M., McCabe G.P., McCabe L.D., Hausman D.B., Martini L.A., Lewis R.D., Weaver C.M., Peacock M., Hill Gallant K.M. Associations among osteocalcin, leptin and metabolic health in children ages 9-13 years in the United States. 2017 Nutrition & Metabolism, 14:25.

Working Papers

Van Loan M.D., Peerson J.M., D. Alekel D. L., Steinberg F. M., Lewis R.D. Phenotypic Characteristics as Predictors of 2-Year Change in Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Women Not on Hormone Therapy: Results from Two Randomized Trials. In Preparation for

Erlandson M.C., Berger P.K., Laing E.M., Pollock N.K., Baxter-Jones A.D.G., Daly R.M., Lewis, R.D. From beam to bone: the effects of artistic gymnastics on skeletal health. In Preparation for Resubmission.

Kort L.J., Laing E.M., Pollock N.K., Lewis R.D. Former Collegiate Gymnasts Maintain Higher Bone Mineral Density After A 34-Year Retirement: A Twenty-year Follow-up.

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