Program of Study

Choose a focus area:

  • M.S. in Merchandising/Interiors
    • Historical and Cultural Aspects of Dress 
    • Merchandising and International Trade
    • Interior Environments
  •  M.S. in Textile Sciences

Major Requirements

An MS degree is usually completed in two years. M.S. students must complete at least 24 semester hours of coursework. In addition, the M.S. Thesis Track requires six semester hours of Master's Thesis (TXMI 7300), while the MS Non-Thesis Track requires six credit hours of Supervised Research/Industry Project (TXMI 7010). Undergraduate courses do not count toward the MS degree program. MS students must complete at least half of the coursework credit hours (exclusive of thesis research) in courses only available to graduate students at the University of Georgia. 

There are distinct course requirements for the MS in Merchandising and MS in Textile Sciences Degrees. For more information, please refer to the TMI Graduate Handbook.

Undergraduate Courses

Depending on your undergraduate major and previous course work, you may be required to complete undergraduate courses* (this may include Chemistry, Textiles, and Textile Testing) while you are enrolled in the graduate program, and completion of these courses may be required prior to enrollment in specific graduate courses.

*Undergraduate credit hours do not count toward your graduate degree and are not listed on the program of study

Graduate Courses

Focus Areas: Historial/Cultural Aspects of Dress & Merchandising and International Trade

  • TXMI 6230: Dress, Society and Culture
  • TXMI 6240: Fashion Promotion and Visual Merchandising
  • TXMI 6270: History of Costume: Antiquity to Nineteenth Century
  • TXMI 6290: History of Dress and Fashion: Nineteenth Century to the Present
  • TXMI 6520: Apparel and Textile Economics
  • TXMI 7240: Retailing Apparel and Textiles
  • TXMI 7270: UX/UI Fundamentals in Fashion Branding
  • TXMI 7850: Museum Introduction in Clothing and Textiles
  • TXMI 8240: Advanced Topics in Retailing
  • TXMI 8260: Advanced Topics in Consumer Behavior
  • TXMI 8280: Museum Issues in Clothing and Textiles
  • TXMI 8290: Fashion Theory
  • TXMI 8270: Apparel Theories and Methodologies
  • TXMI 8500: Contemporary Topics in Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors
  • TXMI 8900: TMI Graduate Seminar

Focus Area: Interior Environments

  • ENGR 6660: Sustainable Building Design
  • LAND 6040: Community and Place
  • LAND 6540: Ideas of Community and Place
  • LAND 6730: Issues and Practices in Sustainable Design
  • HACE 6300: Advanced Housing Theory
  • HACE 6350: Household Technology & Systems
  • HACE 8100: Theory of Households and Markets I
  • HIPR 6350: Building Materials and Conservation
  • TXMI 6240: Fashion Promotion and Visual Merchandising
  • TXMI 6300: Sustainable and Universal Design Studio
  • TXMI 6370: Contemporary Homes and Furnishings
  • TXMI 6350: History of Design, Interiors, and Furnishings I
  • TXMI 6360: Decorative Arts and Antiques
  • TXMI 6380: Interior Fabrics and Materials: Specifications & Estimations
  • TXMI 6520: Apparel and Textile Economics
  • TXMI 6900: Special Topics
  • TXMI 7320: Professional Practices in Residential Design
  • TXMI 7310: Advanced Residential Design Methods

Focus Area: Textile Sciences

  • TXMI 6100: Advanced Textiles
  • TXMI 6150: Nonwovens Science and Technology
  • TXMI 6160: Product Development in the Textile and Apparel Industries
  • TXMI 8000: Biomaterials
  • TXMI 8130: Chemical and Instrumental Analysis of Polymers
  • TXMI 8140: Environmental Aspects of Textiles
  • TXMI 8400: Biomaterials Based on Polymers, Fibers, and Textiles. 
  • TXMI 8420: Polymer Science I
  • TXMI 8430: Chemical and Instrumental Analysis of Nanostructured Polymer Materials
  • TXMI 8480: Polymer Science II
  • TXMI 8900: TMI Graduate Seminar

Apply to All Focus Areas

  • TXMI 6900: Special Topics
  • TXMI 7000: Master’s Research
  • TXMI 7005: Graduate School Seminar
  • TXMI 7010: Supervised Research/Industry Project
  • TXMI 7300: Master’s Thesis
  • TXMI 7710: Study Tour in TMI
  • TXMI 7910: TMI Internship
  • TXMI 8050: Research Methods
  • TXMI 8900: TMI Seminar
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