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Our faculty provide students with career guidance and help facilitate the application process for post-graduate supervised practice programs (such as dietetic internships), graduate school, and/or employment. The dietetics program director is available to meet with students who are interested in the dietetics profession and need additional information while enrolled and/or before transferring into the major.

DPD Program Guidance

During the DPD students’ academic career, there are several courses and career-planning workshops dispersed throughout the curriculum. These sessions are focused on developing a professional student, preparation for the supervised practice program application process, and academic and professional development. All students (Junior year, transfer, and post-baccalaureate students) are able to interact with the DPD director at Student Dietetic Association meetings, in class, individually, or in small groups. In the course NUTR 5900: Professional Development, the following information is presented: overview of the departmentstudy abroad or summer practicum experiences, unique leadership and scholarship opportunities for UGA students, review of DPD/curriculum updates, and an introduction to the supervised practice program application process.

Dietetics Program Director/Student Dietetic Association Faculty Advisor

Dr. Emma Laing

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Academic advising is every student’s best source of information about academic programs, procedures, and sequence of taking courses at the University of Georgia. Advising services provided by our Student Success and Advising Center are vital to our college's active commitment to each student's academic success. Thus, the university expects all students to participate in the academic advising process throughout their careers at the University of Georgia. All dietetics students are assigned to an academic advisor. The student shall meet with their advisor every semester prior to course registration to plan course schedules. Each student is responsible for their academic progress, and students have access to a record of completed coursework and progress toward degree completion via DegreeWorks. Advisors use the DegreeWorks information to advise students on appropriate course schedules; however, students are responsible for registration and final course selection. Students are not permitted to register for courses until they have met with an advisor and have been cleared for registration. To schedule an appointment, visit the SSAC Advising website. To view helpful hints for selecting courses, see the Dietetics Program Worksheet and the Dietetics Handbook.

Academic Advisor for Dietetics

Ms. Beverly Hull

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