Brandon Hopkins

Brandon Hopkins

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

Fashion merchandising program a 'perfect match' for Hopkins


Gainesville, Ga.


Fashion Merchandising. Minor: Theater 


Strike Magazine, The Industry

Why did you choose your major?

I chose fashion merchandising because fashion was always a part of my life. I helped my grandma sew ever since I can remember and created fashion sketches anytime I could, so when it came time to make a college decision I knew fashion merchandising was a perfect match.

Why did you want to be a FACS Ambassador?

I wanted to become a FACS Ambassador because I want to spread my love for FACS to other students as well as make sure my peers and fellow students have the same amazing experience.

What do you like most about FACS?

The people I have had the opportunity to meet in FACS is something that has made my UGA experience so memorable. Students in FACS meet other students and you create a family with people you did not expect to.

What advice would you give to new students?

I would tell new students to remember that it is all going to work out. When you are stressed or overwhelmed with school, it's important to remember that.

What is your favorite place to study on campus?

My favorite place to study is the Main Library.

What is one thing you wish more people knew about FACS?

One thing I wish more people knew about FACS is the variety of majors we offer and the importance of the majors offered to the professional world.

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