Tyler Roof

Tyler Roof

Alumni Office, Nutritional Sciences

Inspired by trailblazers, Roof motivated to keep pushing boundaries for the next generation of women in sports


BSFCS, Dietetics, 2019

Current occupation/Location

Director of Football Nutrition, University of Utah Athletics

What has been your proudest accomplishment since graduating?

First and foremost, the completion and publication of my graduate thesis, “Effect of Nutrient Intake and Changes in Body Composition on Incidence of Injury in Collegiate Wrestlers” was a major milestone in my academic career. It was the most daunting and rewarding project, fueled by many cups of coffee and words of encouragement from my mentors. Second to that, achieving my goal of becoming a Director of Football Nutrition for a Power 5 program by the age of 25 has been an absolute dream. Oh, and the thrill of winning back-to-back PAC-12 conference titles always helps!

What was your favorite class in FACS?

While I found all my FACS coursework fascinating, from Foodservice Procurement and Financial Management with Dr. Brigman to Nutrition Sciences with Dr. Cox, my all-time favorite was Dr. Lewis’s Nutrition Throughout the Lifespan. It emphasized how impactful nutrition can be during all phases of life and why Registered Dietitians are essential health care providers. Class never felt like class with Dr. Lewis; it was just structured story time, and I always appreciated his approach to the subject matter.

Did you have a favorite – or most memorable – faculty member?

The knowledge and diversity of the FACS faculty became an invaluable resource to me during my time at UGA. Working in Dr. Rick Lewis’s Bone and Body Composition Lab will always be a special memory to me. Dr. Lewis took the time to mold me into a better student and exposed me to the vast world of research. It is because of his mentoring and encouragement that I embarked on the journey of writing a thesis in graduate school.

How do you think FACS prepared you for your career success?

I owe much of my success to FACS and to the University of Georgia. The education is top-tier and the curriculum pushed me to not only hone my academic skills, but also my networking abilities. I have lifelong friendships and mentors thanks to FACS.

What inspires or motivates you?

Women are rising up the ranks throughout the sport of football, earning positions of power in spaces that for far too long were ruled by almost exclusively men. Every day I walk into rooms or sit at roundtables as the only female voice present. I think women are resilient in this way. We provide unique perspectives to many of the conversations that go on in athletics and I am motivated to have more of our voices heard in this space, especially in the sport of football. I am inspired by all the trailblazers who have come before me, and I am motivated to keep pushing the boundaries for the next generation of women in sports.

What advice would you give a current FACS student looking to pursue a career in your field?

Be your authentic self and never give up on pursuing your goals. It’s in the nature of working in athletics, especially a male-dominated sport, to constantly be told “no." But when you are given a “yes," explore that opportunity and run with it!

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