National Association of Home Builders

NAHB – UGA Student Chapter aims to get experienced professionals in their field to discuss and share their knowledge with you. The NAHB Student Chapters program is dedicated to enriching the educational experiences of students by offering them first-hand exposure to the real world of the building industry through NAHB membership, educational programming, and connections to builders.

The mission of NAHB is to protect the American Dream of housing opportunities for all, while working to achieve professional success for its members who build communities, create jobs and strengthen our economy.

NAHB helps its members build communities. Each year, NAHB’s members construct about 80% of the new homes built in the United States, both single-family and multifamily.

When We Meet

Beginning in spring semester 2020, the UGA student chapter of NAHB will meet twice a month. Membership to the organization is free and will come with a student membership to NAHB.

Who are NAHB members?

A federation of more than 700 state and local associations, NAHB represents more than 140,000 members. About one-third are home builders and remodelers. The rest work in closely related specialties such as sales and marketing, housing finance, and manufacturing and supplying building materials.

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