FHCE Graduate Student Organization (FHCE GSO)

The purpose of the organization is to facilitate graduate student communication, address student concerns, and provide an environment of learning outside the classroom setting. FHCE GSO will be responsible for:  1) raising graduate student concerns to the department leadership; 2) organizing seminars for graduate students; 3) organizing engaging social and networking events for graduate students.

How to Join

Membership shall be limited to regularly enrolled University of Georgia FHCE graduate students. All current graduate students in FHCE shall enjoy all rights and privileges of membership.   Any student may opt-out of membership and communications by emailing the Secretary.   



Vice President


Social Chair

Past Events

Conferences: Making the most of the Experience. Faciliator: Dr. Dee Warmath Date & Time: September Thursday, 9/17. 9:35 am - 10:50 pm. Room 101 Dawson 

Faculty Contact

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